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News and Updates

EEC report on Road Haulage
The European Commission has now published the long expected REPORT on integrating the internal market for road transport. The report concludes that while some progress has been made, removing the remaining restrictions would help the European economy and improve the environment.
On any given day, almost a quarter of all trucks on Europe's roads are empty, either on their way home or between loads. Opening national road transport markets to more competition would help reduce empty runs and increase efficiency in the sector, according to the report.
Ukraine freight delivery
KissCargo will keep up to date with regard to Ukraine deliveries, at the moment the situation seems stable arround the Western borders, however, we strongly suggest if it is possible to hold the deliveries for a later date that may well be prudent.
Crime and fraud prevention for businesses in international trade
Businesses in international trade face a growing threat from crime. Fraud is deceit for financial profit and has cost the UK economy more than £38 billion in the past year (source: National Fraud Authority - annual fraud indicators January 2011). Currently the main threat to international traders is fraud from :
Duty relief for imports and exports
  • Duty relief schemes allow you to pay less or no duty on imports and exports from and to non-EU countries.
  • If you are importing or exporting in the EU, you won’t have to pay any duty
  • There are rules around eligibility for trade preferences.
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